I’m so sick of everyone, I’m sick of the world, I’m sick of society, I’m sick of myself. you can’t trust anyone anymore..even your closest friends tell your secrets. even your closest friends who you think love you so much..talk badly about you. everyone’s fake, one second they’re saying how much they hate someone and two minutes later they’re with them and acting like they love them. no ones honest with each other anymore, people are too afraid to tell the truth because they don’t want anything bad to happen so People lie and bend the truth but it always backfires. the other person always finds out. another thing is no one’s nice anymore. everyone’s so rude and mean and judgmental etc.. people always result to being mean cus being kind is way too hard..(like wut?¿)can you remember the last time someone said sorry when they bumped into you by accident or were in your way or do something just plain rude? because I can’t. I used to let people walk all over me and I wouldn’t stand up for myself. but I’m done. because being nice always backfires. especially being sensitive. when someone wants a good laugh they’ll remember that really sensitive kid and make fun of them. how twisted is that? it always happens to me. people even get pissed off at me for being sensitive. WHAT? WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO APOLOGIZE? APOLOGIZE FOR BEING MYSELF? god I don’t even know what to say anymore. I had so much on my mind but now I’m speechless. I’m JUST SO DONE W/EVERYTHING. right when I get happy someone screws it up. I haven’t met a genuinely kind person in a long time. I’m starting to feel like they don’t exist. another thing is: am I the only one who feels like no one understands me? people think they understand me and what I’m feeling on the inside. but they don’t because everyone takes things different ways. my mom always says she knows how I feel because she was a teenager once…like no. yea you were a teenager once mom but you didn’t grow up in MY generation, you don’t go to the school I go to, you don’t have to do deal with all those shitty people I have to spend hours and hours with, you don’t know what they’re like. even as much as you say you do, you don’t. and people say “don’t respond to hate and just let those people say those things cus if you respond you’ll regret it later”. please explain to me why that’s okay? so they can be terrible to me and not get told off but I just have to walk away and let them continue to be like that? how about no?! IM DONE BEING THE NICE GIRL TO PEOPLE WHO TREAT ME LIKE CRAP FOR NO REASON BCUZ I’D HATE MYSELF FOREVER CUS I’D ALWAYS WONDER IF WHAT I SAID ACTUALLY HAD COULD HAVE HAD AN EFFECT ON THEM AND MAYBE THE SAME THING WOULDN’T HAPPEN TO SOMEONE ELSE BCUZ NO ONE SHOULD BE TREATED BADLY FOR NO REASON AT ALL. but I’m gonna stop now because I could literally go on forever. hopefully some of you read this but ik most of you will see a long paragraph an scroll past it , but I had to get this all out somehow.


I’m so sad

all the damn time..


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